Udency: Assessment of D&I for Your Brand Communication.

D&I communication compliance solution for companies.

Udency is an analytical and evaluation platform designed to tackle complex challenges related to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) within companies. This innovative solution relies on in-depth analysis of audio, video, and textual content associated with both internal and external corporate communications. But what are the objectives of Udency?

Optimization of D&I on Social Media

Udency ensures that corporate communication reflects the values of Diversity and Inclusion. Through advanced AI algorithms, it analyzes visual, textual, and video content, providing proactive guidance that aligns communication with D&I objectives.

Real-time Feedback & Recommendations

Udency provides instant feedback and practical recommendations to enhance the Inclusivity of your content. It offers valuable suggestions to ensure that brand communication reflects a Diverse and Inclusive corporate culture.

Analysis of Internal Communication.

Whether it's newsletters, announcements, or content generated by employees, the tool ensures that internal messages align with the organization's Diversity and Inclusion objectives.

Competitor Analysis.

Udency provides the brand with the ability to analyze its capacity for publishing Diversity and Inclusion content compared to competitors. This allows organizations to align with or even surpass other companies in the industry in terms of Inclusive communication, positioning them as leaders in fostering D&I.

Seamless Integration of Multiple Platforms.

Udency offers seamless integration with major communication channels, making it the ideal solution for publishing content on Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and X Corp. (Twitter) in alignment with Diversity and Inclusion principles.

Index - Characteristics

Introducing an innovative index to assess brand alignment with Diversity and Inclusion goals. We evaluate visual and textual content, compare competitors, and provide dynamic, quantitative D&I scores for brands, fostering fair and inclusive communication.

Content Relevance

The index provides objective information on the brand's communicative content adherence to Diversity and Inclusion goals set by the corporate target market.

Visual and Textual D&I

The index evaluates diversity in visual and textual content on social platforms, assessing representation of ethnicities, genders, ages, and examining the absence of discrimination and stereotypes.

Competitor Comparison

The index allows comparing the ability of your communication to be fair and inclusive compared to competitors in the industry, enabling a continually updated comparative analysis.

Dynamic Index Results

The index offers dynamic results, allowing brands to continuously adapt and evolve their marketing strategies, thereby reshaping how customers perceive them over time for better engagement.

Punteggio D&I per Ogni Brand

Udency assigns a D&I score to every brand where 100 represents a perfect alignment with Diversity and Inclusion principles. The quantitative measurement calculates the distance between the brand's market target-defined projection and its actual communication and representation in terms of gender, ethnicity, age, and body shape.


Through the utilization of Deep Learning and AI models, Udency is capable of quantitatively evaluating the quality of the company’s visual and textual communication, analyzing the nature of expressed concepts, and tracing the resulting audience response

Process Pipeline

Case Studies

Instagram 2023: Giorgio Armani

Instagram 2023: Dior

Instagram 2023: Prada

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